Week 2: Betterment’s Dividend and a Monthly Deposit

Week 2 Betterment Depositing $250

Week 2 came in a little bit better than week 1, but still below my initial deposit of $1,000. I did initially go into the market at a bad time where the overall market was down -0.42% (DOW) causing my overall portfolio to go down -1.44%.

In the beginning of Week 2, Betterment’s portfolio was $ 985.61 and ended with $ 998.90. However, already, in week 2, I was given a dividend of $ 1.05, which was nice. This brought the portfolio up 1.35% for week 2, where the DOW was up 1.60% (S&P = 1.71%, NASDAQ = 2.70%).

At the end of week 2, Betterment initiated my monthly deposit of $250, however, the $250 was not yet vested.

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