Week 2 Betterment v Wealthfront Results

We’re finally vested in Wealthfront! It felt like it was a longer process but we were able to get something going at the beginning of this week to see a good comparison!

Here are the numbers:

Dow Jones: 1.60% 

S&P: 1.71%

NASDAQ: 2.70%

Betterment: 1.35%

Wealthfront: 1.30%

Looking at this at first glance, you can see that Betterment performed better than Wealthfront, however, something happened in this week. Already, in week 2, I received a dividend of $1.05, which gave an extra boost of 0.11%. If I never received this dividend, Betterment would only have 1.24% for the week.

Last week, Betterment ended with $985.61, and Wealthfront with $1,000.00 (it took awhile for Wealthfront to process deposits). Even though Betterment ended in the negative last week, we’re not going to be comparing the results by numbers, instead, we’re going to be comparing it by percentages. The reason is because Betterment was vested a week earlier during very bad times. It was just fortunate that Wealthfront finally vested when the market was in the positives.

Week 2 Betterment Result: $ 1,248.90 ($250 vested, but not really) technically, $ 998.90.

Week 2 Betterment Depositing $250

Week 2 Wealthfront Result: $ 1,013.31

Week 2 Wealthfront Dashboard



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