Week 1: Betterment ended with a -1.4% over Dow Jones -0.4%

week 1 betterment result

Today marks the end of Week 1. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make a justifiable review between Betterment and Wealthfront because Wealthfront takes a very long time to get money into the account.

Backstory to signing up with Betterment:

I already had a Betterment account but never deposited any money. I was always intrigued by its UX and wanted to just look around, this was probably 3 months ago. The sign up was definitely a lot smoother than Wealthfront, which I signed up this past weekend.

Investing money

When investing with Betterment, they did it the next day, instantly. The kicker, they didn’t even withdraw money from my bank yet. They wanted to get you into investing quickly! Which was pretty awesome.

With Wealthfront, it’s taking me almost an entire week to get me to invest… After confirming my bank, and then they take a few days to actually pull money from my bank and then start investing…

Week 0 (last Friday, 1st day of investing): -$ 0.02

week 0 betterment results

I didn’t write a blog post because there wasn’t really much to report on.

Week 1: Started off with $ 999.98, ended with $985.61: -$ 14.37, -1.4%

week 1 betterment result

Tough week. Dow Jones had only -0.4%

As for Wealthfront, I’m still waiting on money to be deposited… Hopefully we’ll start seeing some actual fighting coming up

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